{170} Post-surgery Keely update

Keely has bad teeth, but she has three less now.

[warning: talking about dental/tooth damage]

So, the plan was for the vet to extract ONE tooth. Unfortunately when they got a good look, they found a mess. They ended up pulling two pre-molars, which led to one of her lower canine teeth basically crumbling apart. The teeth were so fractured and infected, the vet is not sure she got all the pieces.

I have to go in tomorrow in the morning for one of the surgery techs to check out the wound, make sure it’s “clean”. And, of course, there’s another check up in two weeks.

In the meantime, she’s stuck on wet food, stuck in an e-collar, and stuck without all her toys because she’s not allowed to chew anything. These next couple of weeks are going to be an adventure…that’s not counting the pain meds and antibiotics I need to get down her throat…

There are two more teeth that need to go, but I did not have the money to do those this time around. So, Keely gets a few months recovery time, and then she goes back in for more extractions.

It’s all awful, and the vet is pretty sure the damage is from “fence pulling”, as it is mostly confined to the the front of Keely’s mouth — her molars are all strong and healthy for instance. But the canines and pre-molars are cracked to hell and worn down/broken. This is long term damage. It’s a bit weird though as she doesn’t evince any kind of separation anxiety, or fear of being locked up behind a fence. I’ve never tried to put her in a crate, though, so that could be a fear of hers I just don’t know about.

So for a long time, years probably, she was kept in some kind of cage and was either so bored or scared or angry that she violently attacked the cage and pulled at it with her teeth.

Oh, Keely. ♥

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