{71} Today, my back hurts

So instead of actually BEING productive I’m going to make a list of things I’m doing or doing-ish

The day!job is assumed, these are all my personal projects:

  • Wolves of Harmony Heights (novel — in edits)
  • Encyclopediaists of Mercy Jane (novel series — in planning)
  • Skeptic’s Inspirational (site and fb page, in development)
  • Blog-post-a-day at Medium.com (ongoing)
  • “Going on 50” (weekly podcast — in development)
  • Art portfolio (for FSU studio art program, which I’m starting in spring)
  • Yoga (goal is daily)
  • Some form of cardio (biking and/or dancing? This one is still in the “I should” stage)
  • meditate (daily, ongoing)
  • therapy (every 2 weeks, ongoing)

Other stuff:

  • I am also helping Kim McShane launch her business in my role as “Task Mistress.
  • Speaking of Task Mistress, I’m trying to figure out how that will really work — service? App? Blog?
  • I have a couple of secret writing projects that are ongoing but NEED to be finished. UGH
  • Several other book ideas I love but am keeping back-burnered for now

What I’m not doing is updating my other blogs (kimboosan.net and patienceandfortitude.net), dating, traveling. At some point I’d love to learn to play a musical instrument again. *sigh* Someone give me more hours in the day, pls????