{75} Friend’s Prompt #4


Of course, Classical Sass’s prompt is short, succinct, and vivid. Toe? Toe what? Toe jam? Tip toe? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEEE????

But okay: Toe?

You can see my toes, but you may not touch them. No one may touch them. I have a hang up about my feet which has only gotten worse as I age and that hang up is NO TOUCHY.

I don’t do pedicures. I don’t like my feet massaged. When I was younger, I would not use toe-cages on my bike pedals. It took me most of my life to this point to willingly wear open-toed shoes. Exposed toes are just asking for trouble, if you ask me.

This pretty much rules out ever having a lover with a foot fetish, I guess.

I don’t know where this comes from. I know of no toe-related trauma in my youth. I even had a bunion on my right foot operated on, so I can if necessary buckle down and let a doctor slice my foot open *shrieks in remembered horror*

Are my feet ticklish? They might be, bitch!

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