Ok, so I just reached panic attack mode where I’m worried about all kinds of things that probably don’t matter. Like, if I lay out the plot here, what if someone who is a much better and more efficient writer than me swoops it up and finishes it and oops I’ve only been sitting on this idea for like ten years. I could die. OMG PANICKING.
Classical Sass

Actually, the way copyright law works, putting it out there actually works much better at protecting your interests than not. Once it is written down, you own the copyright — you do not have to file it with the govt. or anything (you CAN if you want, and for finished works it’s recommended, but not necc.). Nothing will stop someone from stealing the idea, tbh, but you can issue takedown notices for copyright infringement if they do. Or you can demand a cut of the sales because it is verifiably your idea. Anyone who steals it at this point is deliberately asking for trouble.

ANYWAY, I LOVE IT. I love the moral and personal quandary of the choices Rhiss has to make. I’d love to be in on this as a beta reader! I’m not good with line edits or story structure but I’m very good with character development and plot development, if you need that kind of feedback.

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