#wranky Also, sentient velveeta. Bye.
Introvert Or Wranky
Classical Sass

I feel this all very deeply. I call it being a “High Functioning Introvert” because, well, that’s funny, and also because yeah I can totally ‘present’ as vivacious and talkative and interested in the people around me…for about 3 hours. Tops. It also took me a long time to stop guilting myself about that, but that’s my boundary: 3 hours. After that I am on that sentient velveeta train and honestly if you choose to engage with me after that time limit is up do not say you weren’t warned.

I once derailed an entire staff meeting with Sesame Street because I had been with students all day, I don’t even remember what I said, I think I insulted my boss by calling her a muppet. Dunno. #wranky

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