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I’m NOT a millennial, but I have to disagree with this. There is so much more wrong with the world than people asking for help. The whole “well I did it all myself so I think it’s wrong for other people to ask for help” is simply a toxic mindset, IMHO. Implying that asking for help is not “adulting” is cringe worthy.

Are there people who abuse the system? Always and forever. But I’m old, and I’ve heard it all before, and trust me, “I know a guy who just doesn’t want to work and so uses gofundme, which proves that everyone but me is lazy and shiftless” is as good an argument as “I know a woman who had six kids just to get more welfare, which proves that the whole system is corrupt and everyone just needs to be hardworking like me.” Which is to say, it’s not. At all.

Furthermore, as someone who CAN help people, I have to say that helping someone’s gofundme to pay a medical debt, afford certification testing, or make a movie makes me feel more like a part of the lives of the people I’m helping. Community is built through give and take. Some people just take and take and never give, sure, that’s always the risk. But most people I’ve ever helped were genuine and earnest and either really needed the help or created something great with the funds they got. N=1, true, and my experiences are subject to the same criticism as your claim “to know a guy”, but at least the limitations of my conclusions are based on, you know, actually helping people and trying to do better for humanity in general — as opposed to judging people as immature and lazy because they ask for help. *shakes head*