Sleep. We all need it.

One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn is to let myself sleep when I’m tired. Not your problem, obviously, I just mean…society kind of idolizes people who don’t sleep, without any accounting of what lack of sleep does to the body. I mean, sleep deprivation is a legit form of torture. How can it not be affecting us if we are not getting the recovery our brains need?

But we’re supposed to shake it off, whether that deprivation is intentional or due to things like depression or meds.

I wish I had advice on how to “not insomnia”. What works for one person is not a guarantee for another. I use melatonin before bed but I have friends for whom that’s as bad as taking a knock out drug. But yeah, sleep deprivation is a real thing. I’m shocked at people who think that getting by on >5 hrs sleep is somehow morally righteous or something.

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