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Yes, I did miss it. (Odd that so many of us who were LOOKING for this and PINGED you about this issue weren’t linked to it. but okay.)

I have to wonder still at your word choices, though, which is what most people I saw were complaining about. Most of the debate was actually not about the issue addressed by medium’s response, which is the idea of both sides getting a hearing. No one said the anti-choice group should not be allowed a platform, so this not-response did not address people’s stated concerns at all. I mean, nice slight of hand? But still avoiding the point that the manner in which medium portrayed the topic and the terminology that you chose was definitely biased.

Like I said, own it, and I might respect those choices. Self-righteous tut-tutting at those of us with genuine concerns about your curation methods is…oh, not surprising, I guess.

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