A Therapeutic Message To America: Steal These Business Ideas, Please! #endthenonsense

My latest brainchild is Therapeutic Messages. I help people in difficult situations ‘say what they need to say’. I’m not the one to help you figure out what your problem is; I help you figure out how you need to address it.

I’ve figured out my problem with America, and I’m delivering a therapeutic message to address it! My problem is mean capitalism and political nonsense — resulting in immoral and unnecessary suffering nationwide.

We are a wealthy nation and have all the resources we need to provide for the health and well-being of our citizens. Our politics is nonsensical, punitive and mean-spirited. Mean capitalism prevails. Mean capitalists say ‘I’ve got mine, screw you’.

I’m a kind capitalist. I want to have a nice life, but I want you to have a nice life too. Unless you are twisted by a greed/power disorder, most likely you can naturally embrace kind capitalism too. What is ‘Kind Capitalism’?

I’m frustrated with national leadership ignoring the people’s needs, and I need to have a Therapeutic Message with America!

America: our citizens are suffering unnecessarily! Half of our federal tax dollars go to death and destruction — war making — while we’re told there’s no money to educate or provide healthcare to our citizens, much less house, feed and employ them. Nonsense!

American politicians have no interest in improving life for our citizens, but I do. My Therapeutic Message to America is: steal my business ideas, please!

Steal Therapeutic Messages! You have my blessing. It’s a very well-received service.

I’m the founder of the Donation Services Industry — the most poetically just starting point for rebuilding local economies — because its based on giving away stuff. What social and economic justice sites exist that would be appropriate for introducing the Donation Services Industry and Kind Capitalism?

Steal one of the Donation Services Industry enterprises!

Run off with Gentle Disposition — a very special service that takes care of the things left behind when families have lost loved ones. Abscond with DoughNation Services — Gentle Disposition’s harder-to-introduce (but having a great repeat business rate) predecessor providing tax deduction valuation for goods being donated.

Rip off Halves, a restaurant food donation program with the tag line ‘good food tastes better shared’. Halves lets smaller-eating diners choose to pay a little more and receive a little less food, with the extra paid going to package and deliver they food they weren’t served to people who are hungry.

How about some of my other ideas that I’ll never build (that’s the one thing I can’t do — actually build a business):

Some Enchanted Evening— a lovely offering for couples. Two massage therapists dressed nicely come to your door with whatever you want — champagne, chocolates, flowers, etc. — and dinner! You and your love enjoy a relaxing massage, followed by dinner, all in the comfort of your home.

Fine-Aged Women photography parties! Boudoir photographs for groups of women 40 and up to capture and celebrate their beauty.

Our Community Chest: Linking local businesses to nonprofits for mutual benefit. Businesses sign up to be listed as a supporter in the newsletters of their local nonprofits, along with a program-wide newsletter which highlights businesses and nonprofits. Businesses pay based on how large an audience they wish to reach, and proceeds are shared based on the frequency and distribution size of nonprofit’s newsletters.

Overnight Success — Utilize existing business’ infrastructure to enable overnight production by a separate business entity.

Willing to build a worker-owned cooperative! I’m offering free coaching to all worker-owned cooperatives built on any of these ideas!

Whew…there. I’m feeling much better now that I got that off my chest!