If you’re looking for an alternative twist on EDM, with more groovy and rock beats, Japanese Wallpaper is your guy!

21-year-old, Gab Strum, aka. Japanese Wallpaper provides the ultimate indie vibe that you need in your life. His recent release, “Fooling Around” is the track that got me hooked and I’ve been listening ever since. His synths and sentimental melodies are the perfect combinations that will get you in the feels. With his collection of introspective tracks, the Australian artist has gained over 20 million streams on various music platforms, along with recognition from artists, such as Charli XCX, Flume, Gotye, and many more.

As I’m starting to move towards this direction of music more, I had the pleasure to talk with Japanese Wallpaper himself about how he has grown in the music world and how it feels to be living the dream!

Read our exclusive interview below:

“Fooling Around” is such a snazzy song! I know the meaning behind the track is so relatable for others, especially me — what’s your story behind finding yourself?

Thanks! I’m so glad you like it. There’s no one ‘story’ as such that inspired the song — just a series of experiences connected to growing up and interacting with different people that all blended together over time.

Who were your inspirations growing up?

As a small child, I only ever wanted to listen to The Beatles. I remember teaching myself to play bass guitar by learning to play McCartney’s bass lines, with the secret ambition of becoming a Beatle if he ever wanted to hang up his boots! In my early teens, I was really inspired by artists like Coldplay and John Mayer, and their way of communicating a unique vision on such a large scale is (aside from the great songwriting) something I still really look up to.

I see that you were quite the Soundcloud guy back then (and maybe now)! Who are your favorite underground Soundcloud artists?

Lately, I’ve been really loving an artist from Philadelphia called Instupendo, whose work I discovered on Soundcloud a couple years ago. As well as that there’s an artist from Melbourne (my hometown) called Mio who has been uploading some really beautiful stuff lately.

I want to talk about your fan base! You caught eyes from individuals who love Charli XCX, Flume, and more! How does it feel to gain so much love and support from similar fan bases?

It feels great, if not also kind of daunting! Those are two artists I look up to immensely and to have the support of their fans is pretty special.

One of your songs “Breathe In” back in 2013 found its way to many TV screens, including Catfish and Awkward on MTV! How does that feel as well?

It’s a crazy feeling to have your work publicized on such a wide scale.

Who is your dream artist, or group, to perform live with and why?

I’d love to go on tour with either Bleachers or Paramore — they both have such incredible live shows and above all else, I would just love to see them play for that many nights in a row!

Do you also have any upcoming tours/shows?

Yes! We are on tour in the US for all of November with Shallou, and then returning to Australia to play some headline shows in early December. Much more to come next year too.

Besides making music, what is the best therapy for you?

I have terrible sleep patterns so any opportunity to get a good night’s rest always leaves me feeling so much better.

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