Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones


You are right that Labour is experiencing an existential crisis. But isn’t that all the more reason for all Labour supporters to look to their conscience and make a decision?

For me, there is only one Left-wing candidate in this leadership election. It’s Corbyn. Smith is Blairite junior minister material, but he missed his era. He has no ability to connect with people.

Corbyn has limitations as a political leader by any conventional measure — but he does connect. The most striking thing about the current debacle ( initiated by the PLP, so the blame is not shared as you suggest) is the way that Corbyn’s weaknesses seem to play as strengths. Honesty and conviction can be communicated clumsily, and the better for it.

I saw John McDonnell speak last Saturday and he admitted that there have been mistakes in media strategy. But we are learning as we go — and that is how it has to be. In fact, a party that is truly democratic has no choice but to develop in this way.

There can be no guarantees of victory, but that should be a spur to action, not to indulge in hand-wringing.

The crisis cannot be avoided and it is necessary to throw everything you have behind the choice that you believe in. I agree with those who suggest that you need to make a choice — in whichever direction.

If you fail to do so you put yourself in an unenviable position: you will need Labour to be wiped out under Corbyn in order to say ‘I told you so’.

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