Guidelines and Ideas for Indoor Staircase Renovation

No renovation project is complete without covering every aspect of the place. So, if people renovate their house, it is as important to revamp the indoor staircase, as it is to renovate the bathroom and the balcony.

Every staircase is different and so there is no single success formula to achieve the perfect result for a renovation project. Hence every staircase renovation project is unique and has its own set of challenges and flaws.

Two staircase renovation projects can never be the same, what may work for one, might turn out to be a huge fiasco for the other! So, it is required that staircase companies treat each project differently and take great efforts into understanding what is the desired change that the customer wants, and how to achieve them, without causing much demolition and spoiling the look of the place.

It is required that the workmanship be excellent, and the quality of materials used be genuine so as to increase the life of the stairs. When staircase companies communicate well with the customers, discuss their ideas, give them their opinion, and come to a conclusion for the overall enhancement of a place, the outcome is seldom bad.

Below are some of the ideas for renovera trappa, which customers can consider.

  • Converting a regular staircase into a crockery storage or book shelf staircase.
  • Making space under the staircase to have a small closet.
  • Removing the carpet to reveal the shabby staircase which can be repaired for a fresh new look.
  • Changing the handrails and updating the look of the staircase.
  • Replacing broken treads with new ones in a contrasting colour to have alternate colour steps.
  • Polishing the staircase along with the handrails to give an appearance as good as new.
  • Paint the handrails in contrast with the steps to give a new look to a boring staircase.
  • ståltrappor can be polished into any desired new colour. Match it with the rest of the theme of the house or go contrast!
  • Paint a pattern onto the staircase, works well for homes with small children.
  • Update the balusters and supervisors.

Before implementing any of the ideas mentioned above, make sure you sit and discuss with your staircase designer, and take his opinion. This is important because while customers may wish for unreasonable things, it is the staircase specialist who will know better. Revamping a staircase has some limitations which customers fail to understand and wish for impractical modifications. A careful study of the space available, the budget in hand and the important requirements of the staircase can help make wise decisions related to staircase revamping projects. Trappspecialisterna is one of the staircase specialist companies in Sweden that offers a rather good inomhustrappor renovering facility.

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