Honest review of my co-ed bowling league experience

I moved to a new city and decided to join a bowling league to meet some new people in my part of town. I signed up as a free agent for a two month league that met every Tuesday evening for about $130. The price included shoes and two games each night and (hopefully) some good company.


  1. It gave me an excuse to leave the apartment once a week.
  2. Bowling gets you on your feet and moving.
  3. Bowling is fun!


  1. The group I got paired up with was not the usual types I would become friends with. One lady was older, maybe in her 40’s. Another guy was a comic book writer and also probably in his 40’s. The last girl was about my age but her personality left little to be desired. They didn’t drink. And they were there to bowl not really to socialize. For a “social” league, I was little disappointed.

So I guess I only had one con. Your experience greatly depends on the group you’re paired up with. It seemed like most people joined the league with friends or people they know. I would do it again if I did it with a friend where I can come and enjoy a drink after work.

It was worth a shot. But I think signing up as a free agent bowler was not for me.

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