Improv Week 2: “Yes And”

Today was the second week of improv class where we covered one of the basic concepts of improv: yes and.

‘Yes And’ is an exercise that let’s the characters build off each other. One person may say, ‘I’m so excited to go to Japan next weekend on my honeymoon and try ramen.” The next person starts off by saying ‘Yes and…’ and they build onto the sentence. So they can follow up with “yes and don’t forget to go to Mt Fuji and enjoy the hot springs.”

It was a good exercise to really listen to the other person and add more to what they were saying.

After only two weeks of improv and observing others in my class, I realized that I’m very stiff on stage. I don’t have much inflection in my voice or excitement. It’s very difficult to “act” and pretend to be another person or character. Hopefully at the end of this, I can be more relaxed on stage and have more fun with this.

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