Networking Mixers

I go to a lot of networking mixers and I’ve yet to really see the value in them. Perhaps the ones that I go to are more social than business and that’s why I don’t get a lot out of them.

What I’ve noticed is the that the male to female ratio is always uneven. I would say for every 4 males, there is 1 female. Also, I’ve noticed that it’s always the same guys coming to our events. The female guests change from event to event but the males are the same ones that come over and over.

We host a few networking mixers a year and sometimes it feels like we’re really reaching for more guests to come to our event. We had an event last night and the turn out was lower than I would have wanted. Some mixers easily attract guests while others don’t. Why didn’t a lot of people come yesterday?

We did get a few new faces but not too many. How do we get more women out? I think the main underlying issue that Asian American women specifically don’t put themselves out there. Or perhaps the real issue is that we’re competing with online dating now. Why pay $10–20 to come to a networking event when you can meet people online?