When your friends don’t invite you out

It’s a Friday at 9pm and I am 3 hours deep into watching Sketch tutorials and trying to navigate through the program. Out of habit, I pick up my phone and open Facebook, Instagram and then Snapchat. And there I see it. Two of my friends who usually invite me out, were hanging out… together… without me… And I never got an invite to join.

If they were to invite me out tonight, I most likely would have said no because 1) I’m trying to save money 2) I’m trying to drink less 3) I’m trying to learn how to use Sketch and 4) I’m planning to go out tomorrow (so might as well save the fun for tomorrow, right!?). But the point is they didn’t extend the invite to me at all and I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t bother me.

Most of my life, if my friend group consisted of three people, the other two friends were always closer to each other than me or became closer as our relationships progressed. This has always been the case. And now I see it happening again.

It bothers me because it makes me wonder: what can I do more to have a more magnetic personality? Or am I doing something that is making people not drawn to me?

It feels isolating when you don’t get invited out (even if you don’t want to go). It feels like they don’t value your friendship. It feels like they don’t want you around. It feels like they’ve forgotten about you.

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