Create an Aion dApp — Pet Roulette!

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Recently, the developer success team 👩🏻‍💻 🏆 hosted a dApp day, where we threw together an application in 24 hours. We thought this would be a great way of testing the Aion infrastructure and workflows, while also putting ourselves into the shoes of dApp developers 👟! Here’s how we did it.

Rules of the day were:

  1. Create a decentralized application on the Aion testnet.
  2. Build the dApp using existing Aion tools (listed below)
  3. Deliver something by the end of the day.

Since we had limited time, we thought it was best to migrate an existing dApp on Ethereum over to Aion. After a little bit of sifting through GitHub repos and Medium posts, we found Merunas Grincalaitisguide on creating a casino-like application on Ethereum.


After a hilariously exhausting 24 hours, we produced Aion Pet Roulette! Front-end was a bit of an afterthought, as we didn’t have a huge amount of time to make things looks pretty.

Check it out:

Game Basics:

  • 7 accounts choose an animal to win the round
  • Each account can place one bet per round
  • Bets must be within 1 and 100 AION

Try your luck & place your bets!! 😉💸🐘

Tools Used

Here’s a brief explanation of all the tools used to build this dApp.


Nodesmith is a new Software as a Service company making access to decentralized networks faster and easier. It’s a free service and they provide an API that securely connects you to a fully up-to-date blockchain networks — such as Aion!

Nodesmith aims to take the headache out of running and hosting decentralized network nodes yourself by providing compatible APIs which connect you securely to fully up-to-date blockchain networks.

Titan Suite

Titan Suite is a one stop shop for all your smart contract needs. Whether you want to edit, compile, or deploy your contract onto the Aion Network, it can do it all! A tool that makes building a dApp a simple and secure experience! Use it with your Nodesmith endpoint and you’re all set 👍

AIWA — Aion Wallet

AIWA is a browser wallet for Aion that allows you to store & interact with your AION. It allows users to interact with distributed apps on Aion directly in their browser!

DApps can be authorized to perform transactions without being exposed to your private keys or seed words.

Of course there are guides on how to get started with all the tools I listed above in our Aion University Docs!