Since we announced the Token Sale on the Bitfinex Token Sale platform, the regulatory environment has rapidly evolved. The risks associated with raising funds through the token sale have become clear, and we must put our community’s best interest first and foremost.

After careful evaluation, we regret to announce that Team and Bitfinex Token Sales have mutually agreed not to hold the token sale at this time.

We will defer any decision on whether to create tokens on, or undertake a token issue in relation to the platform until it is fully functional.

In the meantime…

Great Things Take Time — That Time Is Here.

The launch of a product can only happen once, and we at are working hard to make sure this launch is bigger & better than any other launch you’ve ever seen before.

In consultation with our extremely experienced tech team, our legal team and the Bitfinex Token Sales team, we have decided to modify the Token Sale.

As the liquid network is in its early stage and there will soon be a liquid + lightning integration, we feel it is important to first understand how the liquid tokens will…

Watch the video below to understand how — The Ultimate Content Monetization System would work for publishing and purchasing the content.

Note: This demo doesn’t use’s back-end technology, it is just a simulation of the payment process to show the front-end design. It is not a demo of the final product, just the basic features of the platform in 4 easy steps. You can use it yourself by logging on to and following the steps as shown in the video.

This demo is only available for desktop devices at the moment.
  1. Upload

The process starts with…

We thank you all for your overwhelming response to the new website and for expressing interest by pre-registering for the Token Sale on the Bitfinex Token Sales platform. To avoid disappointment if you have not pre-registered and verified your account yet you can do so here.

Over the last few months, Bitfinex has been working on a new platform that will greatly improve Bitfinex’s value proposition for all users. These new features are scheduled to launch during the week commencing the 21st of October. is a platform built for the wider community and in order to give…

Here is a video where the team and Kim Dotcom answered many of your questions about the project.

You can also join us live and ask your questions to Kim Dotcom and the team at BF Live on 26th September 2019, 11am UTC here:

Who is’s founder?

Me. Kim Dotcom is the founder and chief evangelist at

What is is a content monetization platform. It’s basically a shop in a file. So we are using double encryption to put content into a file container. And in order to open that content…

Here is a message from Kim Dotcom (Founder and Chief Evangelist for the project)

For the past few months, we’ve been heads down with development and we’re excited to finally be able to share with our community what we’ve been working incredibly hard on — so keep following us for frequent updates! is something I am proud to have originally founded and very excited to evangelise for with all my efforts and abilities. I am confident in the team that we’ve built to get a live product to market. To ensure that …, the ultimate content monetisation system, aimed to become the easiest and the most secure way to generate revenue with digital content. Web:

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