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Florida: Beyond the Orange Juice

Florida. Land of Disney World, retirement homes, and orange juice. Little did I know, it’s filled with some pieces of paradise so beautiful you feel like you blinked and woke up somewhere way cooler.

Here are some of the pieces of paradise I’ve encountered on my trip:

Boca Grande

Wading in the water at a beach on Boca Grande.
This salad seems to be the special down around here, but Third Street Cafe does it well.
Lunch at Third Street Cafe.

Sanibel Island

This restaurant is 50% of the reason we come to Sanibel. ❤ the Island Cow.
Puns for days. “Cowbucks Creamery” art in the Island Cow.
Driftwood at Bowman’s Beach
These birds dominated their own section of the beach.
To give you perspective on how many shells are needed for a world class shelling beach…
Tropical walk down to the beach.

My trip lasts until Wednesday. Anywhere else I should go? Add it in the comments section, kids.

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