BTCR DID Method Updates

Kim Hamilton Duffy
Jun 21 · 3 min read

About BTCR

The Bitcoin Reference DID method (did:btcr) is designed as a minimal, secure, and open Decentralized Identifier (DID) method anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain. DIDs are an interoperable locator for identity that does not require permission from anyone else. The BTCR method specifically is fully open source — not tied to a commercial vendor — which makes it a valuable vendor-agnostic demonstration of the emerging DID specification.

Diagram of demonstrating BTCR DID Creation

Latest Updates

BIP-136 (TxRefs) merged

  • eliding the human readable part (HRP) for conciseness

Latest Pointers

You can find the latest BTCR materials here:

Next Steps

We still have a lot to do. Some examples include:

  • Other developer-focused documentation (e.g. Jupyter notebook)
  • More examples of Verifiable Credentials and E2E demonstration of DIDs with Verifiable Credentials
  • Update resolvers and libraries to support update and delete operations
  • Development of a BTCR wallet/mobile app
  • Update playground to support easier creation of BTCR testnet DIDs (e.g. a hosted service backed with faucet funds)
  • Connect playground to golang BTCR REST api

Thanks to our supporters

Progress on the BTCR method has been fueled by funding from Blockchain Commons, Digital Contract Design, and the Shuttleworth Foundation and a lot of generous volunteer effort. Thanks to our sponsors and volunteers for keeping this important work going.

Thanks to our sponsors: Blockchain Commons, Digital Contract Design, and the Shuttleworth Foundation

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