MuniCode Haiku — Councils, Committees and Commissions, oh my!

This is part of an ongoing series — Municipal Code Haiku. Based on the actual municipal code for my beloved city of Pasadena, California.

Title 2: Organization and Administration

Council, mayor, vice,

attorney, clerk, manager,

prosecutor … go!

Meet regularly.

Let the public in. Take notes.

If closed, don’t spill beans.

But it’s ok to

eject the rude disruptors.

People will thank you.

You work for the peeps.

Don’t forget it. Let them talk.

No favors. Be fair.

Spur jobs. Keep us safe.

Watch the funds … don’t give any

to yourself or friends.

And (most important):

Keep water, power, toilets

Flowing, flowing, please!

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