My baby brother saved my life last night.

Well, that’s probably an exaggeration, but he did.

It was exactly at that moment when nothing made sense, when giving up seemed like the most desirable option.

Then I heard my door open, letting in light that was too bright for my sorrow. He stuck his big head in and said “can I sleep here with you tonight?”

I looked away because your younger ones seeing the evidence of your defeat carries its own aroma of shame.

Yes, you can”

Okay, wait for me. I want to bring my wrapper”

You can share mine, it’s big enough”

No, my own has super powers. Mummy gave me”

He leaves the door wide open, and I cannot even be mad.

I fade away with a smile on my lips. The last thing I feel is his body, warm from malaria. I pull him closer, I am at peace.

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