My Journey to Dublin: Day 2

Monday, 27th March

I woke up at 07:30. Then, I got dressed and I had breakfast: two toasts. There wasn’t anything else I liked.

At 08:10, I left the host’s house with my flatmate (did I mention in this journey, we’re in pairs in every house?). 20 minutes later, we almost lost the bus, due to the fact that we had got lost, but we could get in, join my group and simply wait until it arrived at 09:05 at our destination: the Atlas Language School.

Today, we have had a tour around the most important places of Dublin, like St. Stephen’s Green (I think it was called like that…) or The Spire.

At 11:20, we stopped at a bar, so I could eat one of the sandwiches my host had prepared for me. We had a free drink and even Wi-Fi, too.

25 minutes later, the tour was over, we had time to eat if we wanted to and we had to be back at the school at 14:00. I went with a group who went shopping for a while (I could even buy some souvenirs), and then we ate at a Burger King. Since I had eaten a sandwich before, I only asked some fries, but I drank a coke that one of the girls didn’t want.

After that, we decided to go to the school, but we didn’t know the way (we should have paid more attention…). We had to ask lots of people the way to Atlas and walk a lot, but we finally managed to get there about 20 minutes before the classes started.

There were lots of people there, some Spanish, some Italian, maybe some Japanese… And there were lots of pigeons, even more than in this picture.

At 14:10, the classes finally started. There were two lessons. In the first lesson, we introduced ourselves and played a little memory game: everybody introduced him/herself, and the next one had to repeat what the previous classmates had said. Luckily, I wasn’t the last one.

The next thing we did was a game about countries: we had to write down (on a whiteboard with markers we were given) countries, and if we had the same countries than the teacher, we got points. I almost won, I think I should have put some African countries. It continued with a game about strange habits in other countries (I didn’t guess most of them), and then with a test about Irish culture. I got most of the answers right because there were no questions about Irish language.

The final game we did was Mummies’ game: we had to tell a Mummy one problem, and then the Mummy would answer with a determined emotion. It was really embarrassing, they only said stupid things…

The lesson was over at 15:30, so we had a little break until the second lesson started. There were even more pigeons than before, and I experienced the feeling when a group of pigeons passes over you. Exciting, that’s the best word.

The second lesson started at 16:10. It was given by another teacher, and its main theme was… food. The first thing we did was a questionnaire about our eating habits. After that, we did a word race: we were two teams, and we had to write on the whiteboard as much food words as possible; we lost all races by very little. And before a little break, we did a hangman that gave us the theme of the last word race.

The next game we played was a recipe game: with lots of verbs and five ingredients, we had to make a recipe, and then draw the plate of it. I really think it was a disaster (we had to be Spanish!). And the last one was a pictionary; something similar.

We finished the classes at 18:00 and went to a bus stop, waiting for our bus number. My group was very unlucky: the first two buses were full, so we had to wait for a third one. As a result, my flatmate and I got home really late, at 19:30.

Not so much time later, I had dinner. Fish, pasta and carrots. The fish wasn’t bad, and I would have eaten the pasta if it had had tomato sauce, and I wasn’t going to try the carrots at all. I guess I was lucky again with food.

More or less at 21:30, I had my shower and I brushed my teeth, not before organising everything for the next day. I’ve had to stay until very late to write this, and I hope this won’t happen again. But… my bus line is very busy, so… it will be funny.

(Last time written: 22:30)

[Corrected by my English teacher]

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