This Halloween appropriate a culture to end racism

Embracing cultural appropriation shall set us all free from racism. In this 
Halloween make sure to appropriate a culture, any culture, I will do my part, I will appropriate more than one culture, eventually I hope I can appropriate all the cultures in this world.

There will come the day when humanity will realize that we are all one race, once day humanity should realize that culture belongs to all of us.

There are many trying to divide us, there are many trying to force race stereotypes. There was a time when people would not be allowed to fly an airplane because of the color of their skin color, there was a time when people would not be allowed to use the front door because of the color of their skin.

We are allowing this to happen once again, now we are told that there are certain activities reserved only for those of one race or the other, now we are being told that we can’t dress as we want, because we belong to the wrong culture, or we have the wrong skin color, we can not allow this to become our future.
My Thoughts in culture appropriation: