Are We Willing To Compromise In Our Friendships?

Photo Credit: Natalie Pedigo

Having goals and dreams in our lives is important. Without a vision, we can end up wandering around blindly. But how does a clear vision in one’s life affect our friendships?

I was reading about a group of young boys in Judy Chu’s book ‘When Boys Become Boys’, and I was intrigued by her observation and reflection:

“Dan and Tony seemed less clear (or specific) about what they wanted and may have therefore found it easier, or less of a compromise, to go along with other people’s plans or views.”

I consider myself as a man with many dreams, but am I willing to compromise what I want to do, to help my closest bros to do what they want to do? It’s easy to give away time or energy when we don’t have anything specific on our timetable. But it’s a sacrifice to give of our time and energy when it comes at the cost of some of our own dreams.

Challenge: What’s a practical way you can sacrifice some of your plans to help a brother’s plans?

Kim is the CEO and Founder of Brothers — an organization empowering men across all ages to have strong and authentic friendships.

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