Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

This article was very interesting. It brought up some really great points. Having seen this film on the festival circuit it was and is a thought provoking film. Prior to it’s release I watched a great film receive a great marketing push (Which is rarely if ever) done with a Black movie, to being reduced to an after thought all based on the release Parker’s rape case. The studio distanced itself, reduced it marketing dollars and let the movie just “sit” there. All the while knowing the leaking of Parker’s past would not only kill the movie, but Parker’s reputation. It’s interesting to note this was not done with “Straight Out of Compton” There wasn’t a peep from the “Black Feminist” about Dr. Dre who has a history of abusing women. We seem to have Selective Memory. Prior to the information about Parker the movie, received rave reviews some calling it a “master piece” after although the movie was still praised, it was undermined by Parker’s past. Most individuals who posted a review did so based on Parker’s rape allegation, allegations he was acquitted of. Everyone ignored that all of the information was NEVER released. The notion of Black Feminism if frankly a joke since Feminism was never inclusive of Women of Color, and still is not.

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