French Food & Family Fun

On Saturday, I spend the day with my siblings Michael and Chrissy. We started our day off with meeting my brother for lunch at Chez Maman West, an authentic French restaurant down the street from my house. We had to wait over an hour for a table outside, but it was worth it since the weather was perfect and the food was ahhhmazzing. We started off with a bottle of wine and devoured two baskets of bread while we waited for our meal. For an appetizer, I had a cheesy bowl of french onion soup and tried a snail for the first time. I actually really liked it, or I just liked the way they were covered in pesto. We all ordered the french burger with different toppings and shared a Nutella & banana crepe for dessert.

After we stuffed our faces with a three-course meal, my brother wanted to watch March Madness at a bar nearby. We ended up walking a few blocks to The Beer Hall, a tiny place that has a great variety of craft beers. My brother and I ordered an IPA and my sister had cider. After a few beers in, we were back to acing like teenagers, picking fights and starting dramatic conversations. You would think after 20 years we would have matured a little, but we still make scenes in public. My brother missed his train back to San Jose countless times, so went for a change of scenery.

We took a car to Hopwater Distribution, a casual place my brother discovered and introduced to his friends. It’s a split-level bar that has open second floor seating so you can see everything happening on each level. They have a wide variety of beers at a really good price and although we didn’t order any, the bar bites looked awesome. I would definitely go back for the bacon deviled eggs and brisket sliders. After a long day of drinking, my brother took the Caltrain back home and I passed out before 10pm on a Saturday.