The Presidio, Burmese Food, & Golden Gate Park

On Wednesday, Chrissy and I started our day off in the Presidio at the Palace of fine arts. Something I’ve realized about my sister is that she goes through attractions really quickly, so after only a few minutes, she was ready for the next location. We took some selfies in front of the Golden Gate Bridge then walked around a ton of construction to get to the Walt Disney Family Museum. My sister is super Disney fan, so she had a blast learning about the history of the movie characters and parks. I thought it was really cool seeing how the history of animations and audio animatronics has developed over time.

At this point we were starving, so we hopped in a car and headed to Burmese Superstar for lunch. I’ve been here a few times and there is always over an hour wait, so I recommend going during lunchtime when it’s less crowded. We ordered the Sticky Fingers appetizer, Nan Gyi Dok (my favorite dish), and Lamb Curry. This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco, and definitely the best Burmese food I’ve ever tried. After lunch, even though we were unreasonably full, we still stopped for a steamed bun at an Asian bakery down the street (for 70 cents, we couldn't resist).

We walked to Golden Gate Park and took a nap amongst the Nubby Tree Forrest (aka the trees in front of the de Young Museum). I’ve always thought the Nubby Trees in San Francisco were really cool since they don’t have leafs. On our way home from the park, we went up a small hill to see Rainbow Falls and the Prayerbook Cross, a 60-foot tall monument built in 1894. Finally, after an exhausting day of walking around the city, we baked banana bread when we got home and passed out.

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