Codependence: where one person ends and the other begins

As a very empathic person, this line has been very blurry.

I have always looked at this as a strength of mine: the ability to put really understand how someone else is feeling.

Only recently am I beginning to realize the detriment this has had on my soul, living a life time this way.

I have given my everything to others in trying to please. But when looking back, I’m not sure if I have really helped anyone this way, especially not me.

It’s time to live for me. Dig deep and figure out who I am under all these layers, or masks, if you will.

This journey for my authentic self has been in the process since around 2009, I’d say. But all of a sudden is much more clear.

There is a deeply passionate, kind and loving, compassionate and grateful, positive energetic being inside of me. And I am committed and determined to discover it, accept it and nurture it.

Do you truly know yourself and your own identity? Your true authentic self? Or have you, like me been living through the lens of others?

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