The search for truth

Short version: I am going to challenge myself to share. Be real. Be raw. Vulnerable. Sure, it’s terrifying. Paralyzing. If we let it. But why fear. Fear takes us out of the present and into the future. Remember to breathe.

Want more?

Join me on my journey as I express, learn and explore. accept. and love. I invite you to think deeply and explore your own self with me. Internalize. and share. Because that’s what life is about. For me at least; connecting, creating, understanding, digging deeper, sharing, BEING.

So come along, if you’d like to be a part of that with me :)

i have so much i need to get out. i have a hunch we all do. but do we recognize it, and tackle it? or do we cower and run? We have the choice…

I am beginning to see things more clearly… and I want to RUN toward it and tackle it. The old way (denial) is no longer serving me.

Our words are all we have to communicate with one another. Unless. we connect with people on a deeper level.

Sometimes we say things we don’t mean. or often don’t even understand. or others don’t understand. we can never really be sure if we are REALLY on the same level.

words are a vehicle of self-expression, but i often feel they fall short in expressing what is truly going on inside of me.

We must FEEL and express ALL of our feelings. Not just the pleasant ones.

Now that I have my babies… I want to be very very choiceful in my self-expression. I want to give them my fullest. I want to know that I gave my EVERYTHING. I want them to see my passion for life and also feel the comfortable in their own skin and selves to express and feel FULLY. Not just the happy feelings but the dark and scary too.

But I realize the most effective way to teach them that is for them to see it… and I need to practice it myself first.

I am on a journey for truth.

I want to get rid of the masks that no longer serve me. the shadows of myself that are preventing me from going deeper, uncovering it, dealing with it, and then nurturing it.

its important to remember its not about the destination, either. It’s about the journey. If we choose to focus on the destination, we lose sight of the present. which is all there is. many moments of the present moment strung together.

but the trick is NOT getting caught up or stuck in the future. or the past.

You choose which wavelength your body rides with by the energy you put out. Choosing to focus on the past or future, places you on a different wavelength.

But when you remember to breathe. in the present moment. THAT is where its at!

THAT is where the magic happens.

THAT is where love lives.

Unconditional love.

and positive energy.

and clues. about what our true purpose is really all about.

and amazing coincidences that aren’t really coincidences.

if we choose to believe.

have faith.


We only have once chance… (in this lifetime)

To dig.


and explore. even the scary parts, the unknown, the more uncomfortable. the better. bring. it.on.

Last week, i focused a lot on FEAR.

Understanding why we (uncomfortable laugh) or maybe just me, carry around so much fear. it doesn’t serve me in the slightest.

But after carrying that with me all week, and digging deeper, I had a revelation.

Fear is a reminder we are not living in the present moment. It should raise a red flag, and remind us to breathe.

Just breathe.

when you focus on your breath, and each molecule of oxygen entering your lungs… and the way your body processes that life! that energy. and turns it into something magical, that scientists, and religious people alike can’t seem to explain.

I choose to marvel at the miracles of life. and breathe. and the more often i practice that. the more real it will become. because THAT is truth.

Are you with me? ;)

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