Fight back.
Judd Legum

Your extremely expensive campaign to incite more chaos to “The Divided States of America” is nothing more than a couple nerds trying to extract “promises” from some Trump speeches?…… and needing $500k to do it!? So… where is this “list” of 36 promises?

I can bet don’t have it. If they do, it undoubtedly will be the same promises in different words, phrases beefed up to resemble a promise-soundingish thing interpreted and deciphered by some (obviously very well paid) political-ish person to make it sound more valid… real freaking “American” of y’all… it’s groups like this one that incite more hate, less unity and make a few hundred thousand dollars making dumb t-shirts that encourage the American people to “Resist”… you should be ashamed of yourselves.

We worked so hard for that $40… and all we got was a dumb t-shirt…

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