Her Most Important Legacy

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One of the observations I saw in my cat is she pees in the same spot every time. Although, I have bleached and deodorized it still she keeps on smelling and coming back to that same spot. And that is a great example that a cat can give in the word ‘legacy’ : Although you think you have eradicated it, but the remains or particles will always live .

Photo Source : http://media.philstar.com/images/the-philippine-star/headlines/20151027/Miriam-26.jpg

Recently, I woke up with a sad news that one of my favorite persons on this earth died : Miriam Defensor-Santiago.Well in case you don’t know her, she was a Philippine Senator and known for her quote about eating death threats for breakfast. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was a woman of principles and as I described her as part of the decreasing population of Bengal tigers. For some, she might be remembered for her ‘anger’ , but maybe it was just her way to make a statement to everything that she believed in. But what I really like about her was not all because of her fierce attitude that she had fought against all the odds; but she was — a woman that every woman should be — a woman who confidently speaks to her mind . A woman who has full of lessons to share. A woman who knows how to fight for her right without hesitations and she was a woman who knows how to worth herself. And more importantly, she was a woman who didn’t stop to aspire in getting to an industry where the ideology of patriarchy reigns.Those things she did were truly inspiring that have translated to the statements that a woman shouldn’t just settle for an ‘okay’, instead go full throttle and make a statement and show the world you can change the patriarchal — hetero — centric, misogynistic and sexist society (or just our government).

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And to all the woman out there, let all her lessons come alive, show her the definition of a woman that she built: do not be afraid to fight for your rights and know your worth, don’t be just a woman but show her you’re a woman. And like the lesson a ferocious cat can give about legacy, although she is gone but her remains or particles will always live : her works, her lessons — her legacy.