Journey to the Soulless Sea

Monstrous waves on a vast sea
Floating on the navel of the world in a boat with poke holes
Liter by liter the cold soulless water touches me
Suddenly I realize I am alone
Alone in a soul that‘s lost

On the soulless sea with full of dangers
Sharp-toothed horrors circling underneath
Confront the colossal waves that can rip my soul

I didn’t choose this journey
I’m on an unexpected journey
They say it’s fate
But my hands are tied and there are no ways to escape
I yelled but all I receive is a deafening silence

This is a journey I see a soulful star on vantablack sky
A minuscule of hope in the time of dusk
Forlorn soul floating on a boundless sea
Yearning for a land my eyes to see.

I’m on a journey that I didn’t choose.
I want to scream ‘why’ but no one dares to cruise. 
Cruise to save me
Cruise to find me
Cruise to answer me

But I will just sail and let the current directs me 
Toward the end of this journey
Sailing and letting the fate directs me 
To what the universe wants me to be

I’m a blind, voiceless, hand tied explorer 
Longing for the gray part of the world
I am on a journey
A journey to the soulless sea.