Astronomy : Lessons from the Night Sky and Stars

As November approaches the nights are getting darker and deeper. The wind is starting to get colder, Halloween is just around the corner. I am sitting on a rooftop having a freshly brewed coffee. I stare at the night sky. I realize there’s still beauty in darkness; that darkness is not just all about horrors, sadness, and loneliness. The color black — the color of mourn and sadness — covering the sky accentuate the beautiful luminous stars. As I deeply gaze upon and dive through the beauty of the night sky and the bright stars, I thought of people : those people who were there in the time of twilight of our lives. Their delineation of the light that each star bursts in the night sky.

Sometime in July of 2016, I should say the start of something horror. It seem Halloween came early in our lives. That was the time I first saw death in a costume : wearing my brother’s body without the long sickle. Indeed that was the beginning of the darkest moment, so far, in our lives. Who would have thought that a good guy and lovely brother unexpectedly beaten down by some kind of rare disease? Worst, it hits his brain which plays an important role in all his psychomotor activities and his memories. Who would think of that? In fact, he was healthy and strong as he growing up. At that moment, we felt we were hand tied, blindfolded, beaten up. We were like a coin thrown in the navel of the ocean. We were like an astronaut lost in the universe. We felt betrayed by some forces that we couldn’t see and couldn’t even prevent. At that time, we don’t know how we would process everything. It was a situation that was unplanned, it was no one’s fault. We didn’t foresee this in him.

Once a gray sky that turns into a night sky. And in the event the sky filled with darkness, surprisingly, stars began to appear. It was unexpected to see more visible stars, specially when the sky is too dark. At the same time, we were lucky because the clouds weren’t too thick to cover up the beauty of those luminous stars. Those stars helped us light our darkest moment. And we were more thankful as they keep on flashing and arising as if they’re hope bursting with life.

Then here I am having the last sip of my coffee, realizing those who lit up the road for us to arrive here on somehow the end of this hollow road. Now, my brother is on his way to recovery after he spent two months in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit, four months all in all in the hospital. Halloween is coming, but I think we are somehow done trick or treating, so as death, which I think already stripped down his costume-wearing my brother’s body, for now. The beautiful stars are still sparkling in the vast night sky which seem to smile down at me. They seem to whisper cheerful words to lighten up my soul which was once lost in the dark. With just minutes later the sun will rise up and face me. The sun’s light that is brighter that will help me see more clearly towards the end of this hollow road.