This Kid Lied Right to His Mom's Face. Should I Tell Her?

As a Mom of one daughter and two sons I completely relate to the situation and the battle within as to whether you should intervene.

Seeing a child being bullied can be heartbreaking in itself but then to watch as a bully places blame for the entire conflict on the victim turns that heartbreak into a strong desire to stand up and speak the truth! However, if and when you do, it could go one of two ways…..either the bully’s parents will be thankful you told them how their child has been treating others so they can intervene before things get out of control…..OR……you will be in the worst foul language filled personal attack of your life because you are accusing their child of something they would NEVER do!!

Tough choice….will the devil on your left shoulder or the Angel on your right shoulder win!? Or is it a win at all? Either way you are left with Guilt…..🤐

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