Why it’s better for NRIs to Consult a Professional when Investing in Property

Many Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) own a property in India or they are willing to own one for investment. In either case they need professional advice from the experts for the purpose. There are main purposes of buying the property: for self-use, rental purpose and selling it when its value appreciates over time.


Few non-residents have shown their willingness to invest in commercial or housing assets in India, given the plunge in the value of rupee. For those who already own a property in India and for those who want to readily buy one in India there are property management services or NRI services in India to guide them in their pursuit. The concept is not new but was restricted.

Earlier there were only few such organizations who offered their assistance for managing assets and investments. Lately, the concept has grown and had spread its boundaries. These services are available for not just non-residents but also local citizens who are planning an inter-state shift. These service providers cover everything that is required under property management from preventative maintenance, placement, contracting, leasing, response maintenance, signage and remitting of legal dues to commercial cleaning, annual maintenance contracts, pest control and other related areas to be catered, especially for global Indians.

NRI property services provided by advisors and service providers have given a realistic advice for those who are keen to buy real estate assets in India. They strongly recommend NRIs to invest in commercial areas while taking into notice the security and competency of the location based upon its demand and supply dynamics.

The advisors acclaim Mumbai and Bangalore to be offering best commercial investment opportunities. They also notify that if a non-resident end up putting their funds in wrong location and over a wrong commercial area, than they might not become as affluent as they were hoping to be, and are often left with failure and great losses.