Raw EMG/IMU signals taken from a Myo Armband

With the rapid growth in the Machine Learning(ML) field in the recent past, many powerful algorithms have emerged to solve various classification/regression problems and to mimic the human brain activity. In this article we will be looking at data preprocessing, feature selection and classification of some gestures in the American Sign Language(ASL) using Support Vector Machines(SVMs). I will be using Python as the programming language for this process. In addition to the code let’s try to understand the procedure so that it’ll help you to implement it in any other programming language you prefer.

After my second session, my mentor introduced me to one of his friends, Mr.Ishara Paranawithana, who is currently working as a research scientist at the Robotics Innovation Laboratory at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He is also an Electronic and Telecommunication graduate from my university. He is mainly working on image processing, machine vision and vision-based control mostly related to biomedical and healthcare applications. I was introduced to him since I myself was also interested in fields he was working on and I’m very grateful to my mentor for giving me this opportunity. …

ScholarX is a 3 month program initiated by Sustainable Education Foundation which offers free premium mentoring to Sri Lankan students like us during our study period. This program offers 6 mentors who are from leading universities and companies and we were given the opportunity to apply for this program and choose 3 mentors, where we will be assigned to one of the mentors we requested based on our application.

Mentors in this program

I am a second year engineering undergraduate at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and when I got to know about this program through this article, I thought to apply for…

Kithmini Herath

A third year Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering undergraduate who loves music, reading and learning new concepts in machine learning and robotics

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