Meaningful Ways to Create Feel Good Rituals

Image via Unsplash.

If you ask me, there’s nothing more meaningful in life than aligning with your higher self.

Whatever that might mean for you, whether you want to bring sometimes loaded words like enlightenment into it or not, it’s still so important to seek out what makes you feel most powerful. And yes, to then practice it in your daily life. Consistency is, of course, key.

To me, feel good rituals are creative ones, just like a full life is a creative one. There’s no doubt about it — the two go hand-in-hand. Happiness does not exist without creativity, although one certainly does not always have to induce the other. Ever hear that all great art is inspired by sadness?

But the good thing is that fostering more creativity in your life doesn’t have to be this intense, elaborate process. There are so many easy but still meaningful ways to create feel good rituals in your everyday life, and in the process, to start living a fuller, more creative life.

Define what makes you feel most powerful.

This is the first great step toward aligning with that higher self you are reaching so brightly toward. So, find out what makes you feel most creative, powerful, alive. If you don’t know, now is the time to experiment. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you have a full time job or you’ve just graduated college. If you don’t do it now, then when?

Dive into your deeper self — even by enacting what may seem like superficial things. Engaging in feel good rituals will foster habit. Force of habit is a key factor in success, no matter how that success may manifest itself for you. You know that. I know that.

Give people compliments.

One of the easiest feel good rituals is to simply transfer positive energy. Make others feel good, especially when you see them doing something that inspires you (and preferably when they color outside the lines). Especially when it comes to creative work.

Reinforce that behavior in a world that all too often tries to stamp it out — both for them and for yourself.

Make a vision board.

Journal (yes, journal, I know you’ve heard it before). Go ahead and thought dump — whenever possible, and in however many separate notebooks as you want. Do it in the morning when you wake up. During your commute. When you’re doodling while at work or in class.

Make a vision board. Make more than one. Stow the first one away and remember to take a look at it later on down the road. Keep another somewhere you will see it every day. Reinforce that vision as much as you can — and especially when you’re feeling discouraged or uninspired.

Don’t fear the flat line.

You know, that no man’s land between moments of inspiration, the buzzing atomic spaces from one creative project to the next endeavor? The blinking cursor teasing you from the blank page?

Oh, it’s nice to see you again, my old friend.

Go towards that.

Sit with it. Meditate on it. Contemplate it. Live with it.

If you’re a creative person, you know this feeling all too well — and if you just so happen to have borderline OCD/perfectionist-induced anxiety about it, I am here to tell you to throw that fear the fucking window and forget about it.

Forget the nightmares you’ve had. Forget your fears of never Creating Something That Is Good Enough.

The important thing is to create. That’s a feel good ritual on its own, whether you see yourself as a creative person or not. And if you do — you can decide how you feel about it later.

Putting your work out there into the Universe is the only way to see what blessings might unfold.