I don’t know too much about the British side of things, and a lot of it sounds similar, but one…
Zachary Trebellas

I didn’t know that it’s usually only one page in the US. For me that would be probably better as I was struggling with filling in the space on the two pages.

CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn etc - all that is always a hassle as you need to come up with the right expressions/wording to sell myself well, but I like the fact that I can design it from scratch, choosing the layout, information to include etc. I think this gives you some room to show your advantages without bragging. For example you can show how organised you are from neat layout.

Considering what my friends told me, it’s not good to show off yourself but stay modest, or show your personality too much in Japan… Now it would be really hard for me to adjust back to the Japanese custom…

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