Look Up

a series of essays from our cancer journey…

I’ve been staying at the hotel attached to Health Science Center.

As I walk from my room to john’s hospital room…I remind myself…
“Kim, look up, look around. See.”

This second cancer go round …. 
is a bit of a do-over.

The first… 
Mostly… spent in a fog……surviving…..
all new, lotsa unknowns… and scary as heck.

This time, I’m testing presence.
I’m choosing to look up and see.

What Have I Seen

Sad people, lonely people….
Burn victims, amputees…

Lotsa suffering and sorrow….

A far cry from my peaceful home & studio…. everything all light and right.

processed in Lightroom with kk_Almond from the Kim Klassen Be Sill collection.

But when….the sight feels too hard and I want to look down…..…

Look into their eyes Kim …See them.

mantra in my head….

“I see you, I’m sorry, Stay strong. Be well.”


We are all human…
living a human experience.

It’s easy to believe…
those who have less (the poor, the homeless, the addicts, the drunks) are less human, less feeling, less devastated… less alone.

As I SEE the beautiful beings in front of me….
I give thanks for :
the gift, the honour, the freedom to walk and to SEE….

What have you seen this day? Please share. 
I’m always so happy to hear from you.

Forever and always… grateful.

xx, Kim

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