Spicer’s latest misdirection on Russia got refuted before he even ended his presser
Aaron Rupar

Anyone who buys into the Russia story is so gullible. You need to check into a mental hospital fast. This was a story when Hillary lost. They needed an excuse so they fabricated one. Where is the evidence? Just because some agencies said so? I want to see the evidence. And for those of you justifying an investigation because of Benghazi, Hillary and Obama NEVER said where they were that night when they didnt answer the call for help. That was REAL. Russia conspiracy is not. Use your frickin heads libbies. Obama and Lynch expanded the intel to 12 other agencies 10 days before they left office. Now we have *leaks* Ok who are the leaky people? Hmmm? Name them. If there is going to be an investigation will they be put on the stand? I am assuming they will get the same deal that Hillary’s people got and that they will be allowed to plead the fifth on every question? Yeah I didnt think so. Whats good for the goose isnt so good when the gander is a conservative. When they find nothing connecting Trump to Russia will you quit crying? Probably not. You lost. Hillary is an evil beyatch and she lost. What about the wikileaks emails? The ones that said how she rigged the primaries and then got the CNN questions? The time she took the high road and turned in the questions and said get new ones because this is cheating. Oh wait….yeah didnt happen.

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