Alright, Here It Goes…Again.

This may never make sense at first but it will. Maybe. I have thirty minutes to type whatever comes to mind right now because I do have to clock in soon. Yes, I am convinced that those who are encouraged to write professionally MUST work until the words turn into paychecks ( America! The land of the freeeeeeeeee…dom of speeeeeeech! *you have to say that dramatically*). As I’m doing this, I swear on my life that I purposely placed John Legend’s 2006 album “Again” on repeat. But only one song, and that’s the song “Again”. Why is that important? I don’t know exactly. But it’s probably the fact that I enjoy the agony of comparison and the essence of reminiscence…oh the sweetest smell, the bitterest of tastes. Or it could be the coming and going of feelings I get about my love and hate relationship with writing. I am constantly reintroduced to the love of my life while listening to his wailing lyrics of unacceptable rendezvous and a piano’s keys combos of melody that shadows every “ah ah aaaah don’t write that” or “please, let’s try again and do it one more time, you might like it…” . Creativity and words. Well, I guess you can say the two loves of my life. They go so well together. Forming loops that intertwine with each other. The ability to go in and out, the lost art of handwriting.

Besides that, I’ve been a Medium subscriber for the last couple of months. Hiding. Scared. Anxious. Writing. Erasing. Researching. Eating Mike and Ikes Tamales ice cold from my freezer. Reading. Reading all the creative writers tell their stories from the hate they feel towards Anthony Bourdain to the correct way on how to teach the children math…I hope to be part of this community so that I can let this unwanted feeling of fear go. I have a lot to say. So, Here it goes. Another go at it in this media world, again. I believe the only thing that isnt allowing me quit is I dont have a great enough excuse to do so. It’s in my heart. Bound. And whoever you are reading this, embrace yourselves. I am willing to set myself free…

My thirty minutes are up now.