Opponents of single payer are moral monsters on par with AHCA proponents
Matt Bruenig

The bill is not even 24 hours old yet for all the pundits to pass such detailed commentary. The senate has some work to do on this. For those arguing single payor-tell me — where is the govt going to get the money to pay everyone’s claim, esp. given that many people could not afford to pay for their own ACA health plans & had to drop coverage? The ACA was not affordable b/c it evidenced a transfer of wealth to the medicaid population. The medicaid population needs to have some skin in the game because the rest of the population is tired of paying their way without changes to behavior. Single payor gets its money from tax dollars. Folks there ain’t enough tax dollars in the cookie jar to finance health care claims. Case in point, people are saying that $138 billions in the AHCA is insufficient. Now healthcare has to compete with defense, school funding, infrastructure, many federal institutions, federal public works, national parks, grants to colleges, salaries, & pensions. You’d essentially have to give them your entire paycheck. A man on the street interview I saw indicated some John Q. said it would be worth it to pay taxes to have the govt. run his healthcare. He failed to realize just what % of taxes he’d likely have to pay — try 80% or better. In other words-no one will get real care. The govt-please do not think they are your best friend — does not like expensive conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. So that care gets rationed out-you’re on your own. The typical operation-you’ll be put on a list & given a date by some bureaucrat. I don’t understand after all the research that people think that single payor would work here even though it denies out people who are very sick in other countries. E.g. one of the critiques I read today is that rape is not covered as a medical pre-existing condition. I thought this was a crime. What makes one think this is going to be covered in single payor. Now back to the basics: i reread the ACA-it for half of it has nicely oriented sections with wise goals. Where it got into trouble was with the approach to cost & of course all the little fees. The senate should devise their own bill & keep in mind some of the good sections of the ACA which if you read them sound like a common sense national goal for healthcare. Unfortunately, Paul R., not liking this issue, can’t read. My guess is those other measures will have to come as stand alone bills.