Simplifying isn’t Giving Up Stuff

It’s doing what matters.

Spend time with friends

As a photographer, I’m always trying to simplify my images — taking out what’s not essential from within the frame. These things just distract from the main subject.

Simple photographs tend to have the biggest impact.

For the month of December, I posted a picture a day on simplicity. It was a great way to stay focused during a month that is rarely simple.

What I found was that this exercise helped me to see what was most important in my life during this month and to let the rest go.

Because that’s what simplicity is — doing the stuff that matters.

I let go of major decorating, baking, and holiday parties — just a little of each. I made time for my daily photo walks.

I let go of Christmas cards and made time for a few phone calls to people I hadn’t talked to in awhile.

I let go of planning too many activities when my kids were here. Instead, we went skating, watched a few movies, visited family, and relaxed together.

A new year will soon be starting once again. Instead of making resolutions to do something, why not let go of a few things to make room for what really matters?

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