Finding Good Books: A How-To Guide
Charles Chu

From the headline, I thought this was going to be a general How to find a book. But sadly this seems to be how to choose a book of a certain topic (specifically for writing …and NON-FICTION which should have been in the title.)

When it comes to choosing ANY book, I don’t go by the current best selling or what others are talking about. I will however sometimes cave to a book when it seems all my friends are reading the same one at the same time. This happened with the graveyard book. I received a copy as a gift and when reading I found to be a children’s book, however it could be read by anyone and was interesting.

I do agree that those who do not read at all are the ones who ask how to find a book to read. Here’s my way to choose

and some recommendations (for a few different types of genres.)

As far as how I choose a book to read, (no particular order)

1. (if in a store) the cover catches my eye, or a title.

2. I read the back of what its supposed to be about, if It sounds interesting I’ll buy it then and there or add it to my list.

3. my Mood with the amount of book in my pile as is, I’m not exactly looking to buy any books aside from the few series I follow. If I can’t choose I sort of have a tie breaker

4. I have a little trinket box filled with ‘reading challenge’ prompts Like Read a book with a letter, or Read a book by an Author 30 or younger. I pick maybe 3 of these out and choose from there.

5. each year I do a reading challenge which I try to theme each year. This year is series (or can be all same author) either a couple of books from a series (if I don’t have the whole set) sometimes I just read one type of genre and so on.


You can find a list in my book nook of many of the books I’ve read since 2006! Anything in RED is recommended.

In the menu hoover on the Book nook and there are other pages with reviews and more Including the Book Archive which lists previous years’ reading challenges)