You Only Need 10 Minutes to be More Creative
Larry Kim

I AM a creative person, and depending on what your outlet is may be a talent or not. I make jewelry (not wire-work yet, as that is a LEARNED SKILL, though I have dabbled a bit) and have always had a ‘talent’ for it. I’ve made bracelets and earrings as gifts. Never once did I read a book on it or take classes. I just bought some beads and a few supplies wire, or strech chord, earring hooks... depending on what the idea was.

Now if I look back at the designs I created when I first started, they pale in comparison to what I have designed recently. Most of the reason for better designs is I have a large variety of items to use, instead of just buying a few things to make what I had in mind. (There’s nothing I hate more than when I don’t have an item or color of something I need when I have something in mind, no matter what it is.

Creativity IS TALENT ….SKILL Is Learned there’s a BIG Difference!

Creativity is FIRST an idea, or shall I say inspiration. (What inspired you is your Muse, a line in a story, the landscape on the horizon etc)… then you use whatever the outlet that would serve the idea.

Talent is the fact I could likely go on Face-off and whip up a make-up from whatever is around.(unless I need to sculpt something and draw, then I’m in trouble.)

Which is what I do for Halloween. I Do my own Halloween make-up using anything that may work for what I’m being. Maybe I’ll buy a scar prosthetic to apply, but everything else I do is me. I’ve been a ‘celebrity’ at times on Halloween (or so felt like so) as people wanted to take pictures with me in my make-up!

What is an OUTLET?

The Outlet is in what media you are creating this idea.

Drawing, Painting, Clay Sculpt, Writing (Poetry, Novel etc) Sewing, Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, crochet, Kitting (mmm did I miss anything?) I do a variety of different crafts, depending on what idea I get depends on what outlet I use, or I may use more than one. For instance…

I have drawn a series of hearts of varying designs at different times (a crumbling one, a stitched broken heart, and a few others)now at some point I hope to incorporate all the designed in one painting. Maybe even make (if I can find soft enough clay to work with,as I have a problem with my hand)to make them into sculptures (maybe paperweight size, or smaller)

TALENT is writing good poetry and getting Editor’s choice awards, winning the contest and getting published. Mind you… an English professor told me if I ever thought of it, NOT to go to school for poetry. That I was talented. I find when you learn certain things (like poetry, If I showed you one before I went to classes, then did take classes, they would not have the same sound, or feel and so on.

SKILL is learned and practiced Like Karate, though there are some that are Talented in it which is called NATURALLY Talented…

You, like me, may be able to draw a bit. It might just be simple things like, a bug, a small Whale, a glass with ice in it and so on. That is a natural talent. If it’s just from mind, or looking at what you want to draw. However

If I wanted to draw a dragon, I would have to take a class for that, or find as many Dragon images as possible and trace them, to learn HOW TO draw one of my own.

While yes there are exercises you can do to spur creativity, (one of mine, was using a bunch of the Band’s Godsmack’s song titles to write a poem!) Sometimes just reading a book a line or image I get can give me the inspiration for a poem.