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I would really like the GOP & their supporters to explain the CONTEMPT they have for their fellow country-persons. I mean do you REALLY want your kids, neighbors, teachers, nurses, mechanics, plumbers, day care helper and everyone else you meet & live around, to NOT get proper, affordable health care; be discriminated agaisnt and PUNISHED for getting sick or getting a chronic illness? OR for having a baby?! Besides, contempt, I really don’t think they fathom how this puts a dent in the economy otherwise; when people have no money for house repairs & upgrades, newer cars, appliances, simple vacations and things above the mere level of surviving, not thriving, and having some more security in life. I really want an explanation as to how they justify how ONE sector of the economy, health insurance for profit, gets to have ALL the money at the expense of all other company profit. Unless they are getting a direct payroll check from a profit-sucking board of directors, they are also getting majorly screwed. The Consumer Confidence Index has already dropped, just with this administration’s fight over this. People already feel insecure about supporting the economy when they don’t know how much money they need for insurance in 2–3 years. This is an economy wrecker! ONE THING THIS MIGHT DO, is cause people to move to states with better health care plans and then we can finally break the hell away from the The Neanderthals and have two countries.

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