(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

If Sanders was the “big answer”, why did he sign under the DNC? I disagree with one poster who says the media ignored him. He was not ignored, he had money (until he wasted it going to see The Pope), press, momentum, and he had the chance of a lifetime to make a viable 3rd party. First of all, HRC was not his enemy; the GOP was, and joining the DNC & fighting her, was a huge mistake. Sanders did not have clear and illuminating plans on how he was going to pay for his ideas, but Clinton did. I think he picked the worst time ever to run, another mistake. Sanders had 20 years to run for President, but he picks THAT election, and runs agaisnt HRC, under the same “dysfunctional” tent. I don’t see evidence that the Resistance is “losing”. < This is what Republican/Fox News watchers say. It’s only 7 months since Trump won and the GOP is struggling to get the biggest bill through now, and they have not been able to get it done in the first 100 days. Trump has no clout, except with his “lock her up!” minions & Putin … until Putin doesn’t care. As far as the Paris Accord, every country who met with Obama, is ignoring Trump. So far Trump has only really undone some of what Obama did; not the same as actually planning and creating something. And the states who don’t agree with him, simply won’t comply, with poor water and air quality standards, for example. If you want to change something for the better > get rid of the Electoral College NOW. The very thing that cost us 2 elections, the root of the problem, I read and hear NOTHING about. So we are just going to let it take another election from us later? We can’t see the forest for the trees? Forget Sanders and “the big answer”. Get rid of the EC and its corrupt band of misogynists who failed at their task, like the owner & captain of the Titanic. Let’s get rid of the iceberg. Then we can get the proper amount of lifeboats on board.

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