Missing the Bus

Kim McKinney
Nov 10 · 2 min read

The Story of My Life

Photo by Kim McKinney, 2019

I had delayed packing, so got to bed about 1:30 the morning of my trip, then got up about 4:45 to leave for the airport about 6 a.m. I was to travel to Charlotte for a 10:00 flight and you never know how traffic will be. Plus I had to park my car at a local hotel to save a few dollars.

I had a layover in DC, and then a flight to London. At about 7:15 I had arrived in London and gotten to the bus terminal and booked my ticket for Newport, South Wales. My bus left at 8:10. I got a latte and hung out reading for a while.

At about 8 I got in position to wait for the bus announcement. But I started reading again. I never heard it. At 8:10 I looked at the board and it said that my bus was boarding at stall 7. I ran to stall 7. It was pulling out. I waved at the driver. He ignored me.

Of course I had put the news of my arrival on Facebook and told my family in Newport when I would be there. I had to ‘fess up. Unfortunately this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened to me. These days I don’t beat myself up. I just have to laugh. So do most who know me.

Are there lessons to be learned? Of course.

  1. When you’re doing something important to you, pay attention to the details. I was anxious to get to my destination and to see my family. I lost focus. Sure I was tired, but that’s not a good excuse. You need to pay attention to the important things. For example, relationships. No matter if you’re tired or have issues at work or have children that occupy your time, you have to pay attention to the details and care for the things and people who are most important. My priority was getting to my family in Newport. My mind drifted and as a result I had to change to the next bus, that left an hour later.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s often our inclination to believe we need to suffer when we screw up. Most often asan adult, let the consequences be your punishment. I missed out on about an hour of time with my family. Since I rarely get to see them, that time is precious.

Most of us do these things on occasion, but it’s good to do a self-check on occasion and see if there is a problem. What are your priorities today? Are you making sure they are driving your decisions and actions?

I arrived in Newport and am enjoying my family. They forgave my error and so did I. Not a vacation disaster. Yet.

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