Why I Quit My Job Before Finding A New One And How I Lived To Tell About It
Leona’s Love Quest

Thank you for sharing your insights!

It’s refreshing to read about someone else’s quest for happiness. I quit a job I had held for ten years and grown unhappy at when I was offered a contract position. I saw that contract position as my way out. It worked and I got out, but the contract only lasted eight months and I’ve been out of work for almost a year now. I was fortunate enough to get unemployment and to have had a good amount of money saved to live off of for a while, and now am grateful to my husband to be supporting us both.

In my search to find a job that will feel fulfilling, I’m trying to stick to my list of criteria and it gets mind-numbing at times. I have some friends who completely don’t understand what I’m dealing with and why I haven’t found work yet, and others that keep reminding me to stay true to myself. Sometimes I just feel like caving and taking any job I can get, even if it means doing “lettering work on ornaments”. When I suggest doing such a thing, my sweet husband usually responds with, “We’re not there yet”, and then lists a number of reasons that a position like that will make me unhappy. I will continue to have faith! Thanks again!

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